The Edgemont School District is a culturally diverse community of concerned individuals dedicated to providing exemplary education in a changing world. The community recognizes the importance of ethical behavior, mutual respect, and social conscience. We accept our shared responsibility in creating a nurturing environment that promotes diverse learning opportunities for all. We are committed to our students: encouraging and facilitating intellectual development and critical inquiry, assisting discovery, and cultivating individuality and self-esteem. We take pride in our uniqueness; the Edgemont Schools are the essence of our community. 

Where's My Blue Book?

All of the information contained in the Blue Book has been posted on our newly designed website.

We think you will find our website easy to navigate as well as informative. The headings at the top open up to drop-down menus where you will find all of the information previously printed in the Blue Book.


 Where Is My Blue Book

Around our District

Summer 2016 Construction Update

This summer, as part of the 2014 Bond, construction projects are taking place throughout the district. These include:

  • Seely Place Roof

  • EHS Tunnels

  • Blanford Field

  • D Building Windows, Exterior Doors and Unit Ventilators 

  • Greenville Windows and Exterior Doors


Strategic Goals

The lens through which we view all work is to systematically provide a culture of learning that reflects each student's individual needs, interests, abilities and voice for the academic and social-emotional development of the whole child.

  • Provide infrastructure, equitable access, professional learning, and technical support for the integration of technology to promote creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

  • Create authentic opportunities to foster students' understanding of their roles as local and global citizens.

  • Develop purposeful structures and allocate time to link collaborative professional development to student needs.