Edgemont is a community whose legal identity is as a school district and a fire district. Edgemont lies entirely within the unincorporated portion of the Town of Greenburgh and, as such, has no independent municipal government. Because the Town’s council members are elected “at large”, there is no member of the Town Board directly responsible for representing Edgemont’s interests at the municipal level. The Community Council was incorporated in 1947 to serve as the focal point for the community’s active, neighborhood-oriented civic associations, giving the residents both a community-wide forum for discussions and a non-partisan voice at Town Hall.

Membership in the ECC helps support efforts in advocating for the Edgemont community regarding zoning, planning, public works, Town budget and taxes, traffic, fire district and police affairs as well as specific initiatives such as:

  • Sponsoring the School Board Nominating Committee, providing the impartial chairperson and underwriting the associated costs
  • Regular attendance at Town, Planning and Zoning Board meetings
  • Presenting the “Silver Box Award” annually to an Edgemont resident for commitment and exemplary service to the community

ECC has fostered debate on issues including matters of public safety, disputes between the unincorporated and incorporated areas of Grenburgh, and whether to incorporate Edgemont as Greenburgh’s seventh village.

The Board of Directors meets monthly in the EHS Faculty Lounge typically on the first Monday of the month (see District Calendar for specific dates). Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Membership in the ECC is just $30 per household. Visit our website at edgemontecc.com.