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About Us

The Edgemont Recreation Corporation (ERC) is a non-profit volunteer organization which was established in 1970 to serve the needs of the families of the Edgemont School District.

We provide after school programs, recreation league sports, and, every summer we run three summer camps.

ERC has contributed funds for the new turf field and track at Blanford Field at EHS. We have also provided funds for the EHS Weight Room, the new roofs for the EHS and Greenville gyms, the EHS tennis courts and the risers at Seely Place. We have also contributed gymnastics equipment, gym safety mats, soccer nets, batting cages, scoreboards, adjustable baskets in both elementary schools, and helped maintain the fields at all of the schools. We have donated funds to the Athletic department to purchase equipment as well. Along with the PTA, we donated funds to build the new playgrounds at both elementary schools. We also continue to offer several ERC Stuart Oberman/Elliot Feinstein Community Service Scholarships to deserving students at EHS each year.

Fall Activities



After School Gym



Winter Activities



Spring Activities



Girls Softball

Summer Camp

Nursery Camp

Edgemont Day Camp

Teen Travel Camp

2016-2017 Executive Board

Jennifer Frain


Matthew Shaw



Glenn Filippone

John McKillop

Karen Herrero

Adam Bench

Rich Asciutto

Advisor: Paul Solomon



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