Seventh Grade Essential Standards

7th Grade Essential Standards

The seventh grade Mathematics courses are intended to serve as transitional courses, expanding on the work accomplished at the elementary schools while developing solid foundations in pre-algebraic and geometric topics, with emphasis on: ratios and proportions, the number system, expressions and equations, basic geometry, and introductory probability and statistics. The topics covered in the seventh grade Mathematics courses form the basis for much of the high school curriculum. Seventh grade Mathematics courses are leveled (Modified, Regular, and Honors) in order to differentiate student academic needs, but at their core all levels will be founded on the following essential standards:


Ratios & Proportions

  • Unit rate (constant of proportionality)
  • Proportional relationships
  • Percent (percent increase, decrease, tax, commission, gratuity, simple interest, percent error)


The Number System

  • Properties of rational numbers
  • Binary operations with rational numbers


Expressions & Equations

  • Multi-step one-variable equations and inequalities



  • Scale drawings
  • Angle relationships (complementary, supplementary, adjacent, vertical)
  • Area and perimeter
  • Volume and surface area of prisms and cylinders


Statistics & Probability

  • Measures of central tendency and variation
  • Population vs. sample
  • Random sampling
  • Sample distributions
  • Probability of compound events
  • Development of a probability model