Greenville Elementary School

At Greenville, 62 kindergarteners, 23 new students in grades 1-6, and over 400 returning students entered through the red doors and began the new school year.  The morning was spent settling in and getting to know each other – the Kindergarten teachers conducted their traditional tours of the school, showing new students where to go for art, P.E., music, library, Band-Aids and ice, help and hugs. At 9:30 am, all grades assembled for the sixth annual welcome back assembly. This year, two of the Green Team teacher members, Ms. Levine and Mr. Khouri, reviewed the recycling/composting program to ensure that everyone remembers what to do.  The new part of the program, the addition of metal cutlery that will be washed in the dishwasher purchased by the PTA, was explained. Ms. Landeck and Ms. Ferrara, Greenville’s reading teachers, read the students a story entitled Rosie Revere, Engineer, about the importance of persevering and the value of failing. Each homeroom will have a copy of the book so that its themes can be revisited throughout the year.  The annual tradition of recognizing  sixth graders who proudly serve as role models for the younger children as students, leaders and kind friends continued.  As we entered our second week of school, it was clear that the children are settling in very nicely. There is a rhythm to a school day and it has become clear that relationships are forming, routines are being learned and everyone is off to a very nice start!

Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School

At Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School, Principal Devan Ganeshananthan said that the student tempo is “brisk and exciting.”  The opening of school welcomed 31 new students in grades 7-12.  Mr. G notes that he remembers meeting many of these families at different points last year as they scoped out various school districts, and it’s remarkable how many of them ultimately chose Edgemont.  The recycling initiative is rolling out immediately with help from the PTSA, Greenburgh Nature Center, teacher aides, and Zero Waste team.  Interestingly, it’s the seventh graders who are helping to lead the charge with this initiative, as they bring their elementary school recycling know-how with them to their new campus.  Mr. G has had the opportunity to get to know the seventh graders, or “sevens” as he calls them, during their lunch period.  And at the other end of the spectrum, he is continuing to work with the seniors on their college essays and interview skills, as those students prepare for their next educational step.  With approximately 935 students at the Junior/Senior High School, the potential for excitement, progress, and accomplishment can already be felt throughout every grade.