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Important Dates 

***If your child plans on trying out for a Varsity or JV sport during the Fall Season, please make sure all summer family vacations have concluded prior to the start date for Fall Sports***

Season Start Dates

Spring 2024 Season

  • V & JV - 3/11/24
  • Modified  - 4/2/24

Fall 2024 Season

  • V & JV - 8/26/24
  • Modified  - 9/6/24

Winter 2024-25 Season

  • V & JV - 11/18/24
  • Modified  - 12/2/24

Spring 2025 Season

  • V & JV - 3/17/25
  • Modified  - 4/1/25

Registration Dates

Spring Season

  • V & JV - 2/16/24 (8:00 pm)
  • Modified - 3/8/24 (8:00 pm)

Fall Season

  • V & JV - 8/2/24 (8:00 pm)
  • Modified - 8/16/24 (8:00 pm)

Winter Season

  • V & JV - 10/25/24 (8:00 pm)
  • Modified - 11/8/24 (8:00 pm)

Register Now on Arbiter Sports (formerly Family ID)

Click here for instructions on creating an Arbiter Sports (formerly FamilyID) account.



If you need assistance with registration, contact Arbiter Sports at: or 1-800-311-4060.

Support is available 7 days per week and messages will be returned promptly.


Registration Deadlines for 2023-24

Fall Season

> Varsity & JV - 8/15/23

> Modified - 8/29/23

Winter Season

> Varsity & JV - 11/7/23

> Modified - 11/20/23

Spring Season

> Varsity & JV - 3/5/24

> Modified - 3/19/24

***If you fail to register your child by the applicable deadlines above, we cannot guarantee that your child will be cleared and approved by the season start date.



1. Physical Examination - A completed Annual Health and Sports Exam Form (dated within the last 12 months) must be on file with the school health office.

  • Your child’s physical is valid for one year, including the entire month in which it expires. (ex. If a physical expires on August 1st, it is valid through August 31st). If you need to submit a new physical, please make sure it is on the NYS Standard Form, which is required by NYS as of 1/31/21.
  • If an athlete's physical is valid on the first day of a particular season, it is valid for the entirety of that season and a new physical is not required until prior to the next season they are planning to participate in. (ex. a physical that is valid as of November 1st, but expires November 2nd, would be valid for the entire Winter Season. If the athlete is planning on participating in a Spring Sport, they would need to submit a new physical prior to the Spring Season).
  • All health/medical paperwork should be submitted directly to the Health Office, either in person or emailed to the appropriate individual below:


2. Register on FamilyID - All families are required to sign up each season using the FamilyID online system.

  • For directions on checking the expiration of your child’s physical or the status of your child’s registration, please click here.



Your child will be cleared and approved for participation by the season start date provided the following:

  • You register your child through the FamilyID system by the season-specific dates below

  • Your child's physical is current or submitted (on the proper form) by the season-specific dates below

  • Your child has no medical flags

  • There are no errors in the registration that prevent your child from being cleared.