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Tenure for Teachers and Administrators:

Generally consists of a 4 year probationary period.  Such probationary period may be reduced based on prior service (e.g., worked as a full-time leave replacement immediately preceding the probationary appointment) or due to an employee’s previous receipt of tenure in the District or another District.

During the probationary period:

  • Individuals are considered to be “at will” employees;

  • Are evaluated/observed (generally, more frequently than tenured employees)

Before an individual is granted tenure, the District evaluates the employee’s overall work performance, which can include a variety of items, including but not limited to:

  • APPR evaluations

  • Observations

  • Attendance

  • Organization

  • Interactions with other colleagues, staff, parents, students

  • Ability to work with administration and the Board to achieve its goals

  • Overall attitude

  • Ability receive feedback

  • Ability to meet deadlines/respond to and address problems 

  • Student performance

  • Mastery of the necessary skills to perform the specific job as a teacher/administrator

  • These are just examples, other work-related issues may also be taken into consideration in determining whether to grant an individual tenure, so long as the reason to deny tenure is not unconstitutional or in violation of the law (e.g., because of a protected characteristic – race, religion, gender, national origin etc.)

Once a teacher/administrator is granted tenure, they cannot be disciplined or discharged without just cause and without following the disciplinary procedures set forth in Education Law Section 3020-a.

  • Extension of Probationary Period

    • Usually provided when the District thinks that an employee is still deficient in one or more areas and would like more time to evaluate/observe the employee before it makes a decision to grant/deny tenure

    • The extension of a probationary period has to be done with an agreement between the employee and the District, which is approved by the Board of Education.

    • If a probationary period is extended, the employee would continue to remain as an “at will” employee during the extension period.