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Central Administration Office 914-472-7768; Business Office 914-472-7767

Edgemont School District
300 White Oak Lane, Scarsdale, NY 10583

E-mail: first letter of first name and full last, e.g.,

Dr. Victoria S. Kniewel


914-472-7768 ext. 4400

Mrs. Susan Shirken

Assistant Superintendent

914-472-7767 ext. 4406

Dr. Joseph Schippa

Director of Pupil Personnel Services

914-472-7769 ext. 4404

Mr. Michael Curtin

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

914-725-1500 ext. 1365

Mr. Paul Garofano

Director of Technology & Information Systems

914-725-1500 ext. 1589

Mr. John McCabe

Director of Facilities

914-472-7767 ext. 4418

Mr. Edward Stickles

Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

914-472-7769 ext. 4414

Ms. Susan Diermeier

Chief Information Officer

914-725-1500 ext. 1574

Ms. Lisa Herlihy

Business Administrator/ District Treasurer

914-472-7767 ext. 4411

Ms. Rita Caiati

Internal Claims Auditor


Support Staff

Ms. Victoria Osborne

Secretary to Chief School Officer

914-472-7768 ext., 4402

Ms. Amanda DeFonce

914-472-7768 ext. 4403

Ms. Paula Ceddia

Pupil Personnel Services

914-472-7769 ext. 4414

Ms. Karen Storminger

Pupil Personnel Services

914-472-7767 ext. 4405

Support Staff

Ms. Debra M. D'Auria

914-472-7767 ext. 4419

Ms. Elizabeth Longinetti

914-472-7767 ext. 4409

Ms. Anne McMahon

914-472-7767 ext. 4417

Ms. Mimi Southard

914-472-7767 ext. 4431

Ms. Barbara Weiss

914-472-7767 ext. 4415

Health Staff

Morton Berman, M.D.

School Physician

Glenn Kaplan, M.D.

Team Physician