Board of Education

2018-2019 Board of Education Members

Mr. Jonathan Faust, President

(914) 722-6777

Term Expires - 2020

Mr. Alec Clarke, Vice President

(914) 472-7394

Term Expires - 2019

Ms. Judy Seiff

(914) 725-2348

Term Expires - 2019

Mr. Nilesh Jain

(914) 310-8867

Term Expires - 2019

Ms. Monica Sganga

(914) 450-0135

Term Expires - 2020

Ms. Pamela Montgomery

(917) 370-3055

Term Expires - 2021

Ms. Mariquita Blumberg

(917) 680-3562

Term Expires - 2021

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Shared Content

The Board serves as the liaison between the community and the school to develop and to sustain quality education. It has the ultimate responsibility for (1) formulation of decisions on the general policies to be adopted in the school system, (2) the employment of teaching and other personnel for the school system, (3) the preparation and presentation to the community of proposed capital building programs, and (4) preparation of the annual budget to be adopted by the community.

Public meetings of the Board of Education are generally held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Additional sessions may be held as needed. All meetings begin at 8:15 PM in the Edgemont High School Large Group Instruction room. The approved schedule of Board meetings is posted on the District website.

You are encouraged to attend Board meetings. Notices of meetings, including budget hearings, specific agendas, and meetings of Board-appointed Citizen Advisory Committees, are posted on all District websites.

The Board strives to make decisions that are responsive to the needs of the community. Accordingly, Board members welcome comments on matters under discussion and any suggestions on matters that might merit consideration.

Board Policies

The full language of the following official school policies is available on the district website under the Board of Education Tab.

Acceptable Use Policies. These govern the use of computers on school property by students and faculty.

Edgemont Transportation Policy. Sets forth the District policy with respect to providing transportation to and from school.

Inquiry Procedure. Addresses the question of whom to speak to in order to resolve concerns promptly.

Meetings of the Board. States terms of Board of Education compliance with the Open Meetings Laws for all public boards.

Nonresident Tuition Policy. Sets forth the terms under which a nonresident student may attend Edgemont schools as a tuition student.

Resident and Nonresident Students. Defines who is a resident and who is not, and sets forth the rights of resident and nonresident students.

School Building/Field Use. Community groups wishing to use school property must complete an application for its use available on all District websites.

Student Records Policy. Sets forth the District's legal responsibilities regarding the confidentiality of student records. This includes the obligation to release directory information of children over the age of 18 to the military and to colleges and universities, unless parents/guardians notify the District in writing that this information is not to be released withour their prior written consent.