2021 - 2022 Press Release

The following Edgemont faculty members are in the final year of the State-mandated probationary period before tenure may be granted:


Cara Caputo                        Speech and Language           Greenville School

Eve Feuerstein                   School Building Leader        Seely Place School

Kyle Hosier                         School Building Leader         Edgemont Jr.-Sr. High School

Vivian Kane                        Teaching Assistant               Edgemont Jr.-Sr. High School

Toni-Marie LoMedico           Elementary Education           Greenville School

Alan Maurer                        Special Education                Edgemont Jr.-Sr. High School

Michele Morgese                 Teaching Assistant               Greenville School

Lisamarie O’Sullivan           Special Education                 Greenville School

Hannah Ottman                   Elementary Education           Greenville School

Marissa Proctor                    Mathematics                        Edgemont Jr.-Sr. High School

Laura Rhuda                       Special Education                 Edgemont Jr.-Sr. High School

Amanda Ruderman              Mathematics                        Edgemont Jr.-Sr. High School

Jaclyn Stabile                      Elementary Education           Greenville School


           They have been and will continue to be evaluated by Edgemont administrators using Edgemont’s Annual Professional Performance Review Plan.  This Plan provides a framework for identifying and commending effective performance, for defining areas requiring attention, and for making recommendations that will assist a teacher or an administrator to improve instruction in his/her classroom, department, or school.  Ultimately, Edgemont’s Annual Professional Performance Review Plan provides a framework to help make decisions about continued employment and the recommendation of continued employment which results in tenure for probationary employees.


The evaluation process in Edgemont is lengthy and comprehensive.  A minimum of three formal observations of each probationary faculty member is conducted by an administrator each year.  These formal observations may be announced or unannounced, and they augment informal observations made by administrators.  In addition, I will make at least one unannounced visit to each probationary teacher’s classroom/workplace in addition to the three formal, evaluation reports to be written and discussed with the teacher.  These observations are documented using the NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric or the Multidimensional Leadership Performance Rubric, a thorough and rigorous set of standards for evaluating a teacher’s or administrator’s performance both inside and outside of the classroom.  Teachers are also invited to discuss and/or to submit artifacts that demonstrate their work in areas identified in the rubric as part of the evaluation process.  The district and building administrators continue to train on the use of this rubric to ensure inter-rater reliability.


Each year and again toward the end of an employee’s probationary period, all reports written by other administrators and all written feedback received about probationary professionals are reviewed.  I will then make a recommendation about each probationary employee’s ongoing employment to the members of the Board of Education.  This year, I expect to announce my recommendations concerning tenure appointments at the public Board meeting of April 19, 2022.


I always welcome feedback from students and from parents about all members of our faculty throughout the year, both tenured and non-tenured, especially after it has been shared directly with the particular teacher or administrator.  In keeping with the purpose of our evaluation process, namely, to follow a carefully designed system to define and measure effective teaching, cause measurable learning  and to stimulate professional growth of our Edgemont staff, I hope that students and parents so inclined have already offered feedback to and about those professionals who are in their final year of probation.