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Class size, the budget, and you!
Edgemont Tech Dept.

Class size, the budget, and you!

In Edgemont, we strive to provide every student with a highly-individualized learning experience and support for all aspects of his/her development.  Keeping class sizes to a developmentally-appropriate level is one way that we support this goal. Recently, questions have been raised by several parents who are concerned about class size in our elementary schools.  


As the graph below shows, over the last fifteen years, the average class size in both elementary schools has remained remarkably stable, vacillating within a narrow window of 19-22 students:



These numbers compare favorably with other local districts.  During the 2016-17 school year (the most recent year for which data about neighboring districts are available), Edgemont’s average elementary class size was 20.4.  During that same year, our neighbors reported similar average class size figures: 22.3 (Ardsley), 20.3 (Chappaqua), 20.5 (Scarsdale), 21.4 (Byram Hills), 18.8 (Bronxville), and 20.4 (Hastings-on-Hudson).


Another way to look at this issue is to consider the student-teacher ratio.  For the 2017-18 school year, that ratio was 16:1 for Greenville and 15.9:1 for Seely Place.  Again, these numbers are in line with other schools in the region: 16.2 (Concord Road, Ardsley), 16.6 (Bronxville ES, Bronxville), 15.2 (Westorchard, Chappaqua), 16.3 (Heathcote School, Scarsdale).  Unlike the average class size figures, in some ways student-teacher ratios better reflect the degree of personal attention our students receive when there are two or more teachers in the classroom, as is the case in integrated co-taught programs such as the one that is in place in Edgemont.  This explains how a district that does not have a co-teaching program, like Bronxville, can have a low average class size but high student-teacher ratio.


In preparing the budget, we strive to predict and provision staffing for the coming year based on analysis of enrollment data and trends.  Edgemont has seen a sharp increase in enrollment over the last few years and we have largely managed to keep pace by hiring additional teachers.  During the 2012-2013 school year, enrollment in the district was 1911 students and there were approximately 178 teachers on staff; since then, our enrollment has risen by over 100 students and we have increased staffing to 189 teachers.  In each elementary grade level, we monitor enrollment and create new sections, as needed, based on class size targets (K-2: 22, 3-6: 24, 7-12: 25 in academic subjects), educational best practices, and the needs of the students in the grade.  In light of a projected increase in enrollment next year, we are planning to include three additional teaching positions in the 2019-2020 budget.


Finally, it is important to keep in mind that Edgemont’s small size results in significant variation in class size from grade to grade.  The size of each elementary section is heavily dependent on whether there are enough students in the cohort to warrant adding a fourth class.  This is why Greenville’s fourth grade has three sections at 24, 24, and 25 students while the four kindergarten sections average only 18 children.  Given the class sizes in the Greenville fourth grade, one of the teaching positions currently in the budget will most likely be used to add an additional section there for 2019-2020.


In Edgemont, we strive to ensure that students are supported and guided appropriately at all levels of their development.  An important part of this goal is making sure that students receive personalized one-on-one and small-group instruction from their teachers and other adults in the building.  In designing the budget and making decisions about staffing, we work hard to maintain class sizes that align with our goal of educating the whole child in a positive and supportive atmosphere.  Class size is one of many factors that we consider as we continue to review and build our program to achieve this goal.


Tech Health Resources
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Tech Health Resources



Visit Edgemont’s  Technology site often to find out what’s happening in our district. Read about our newly approved Technology Plan for 2018-2021, learn how to log on to the Guest Wifi while on campus, and more!

Senior Experience
Edgemont Tech Dept.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

As educators, we strive to provide students with authentic learning experiences. To use a sports analogy, education without authentic experience is like all practice without ever playing in the game.  We want our students to put all of their learning to real and practical use; this is how the deepest understanding can occur.

Senior Options, a program wherein Edgemont seniors engage in internships, independent studies, or creative projects during the last four weeks of high school, has historically been a voluntary, opt-in program. We are excited to share that after years of enhancing the educational experience of our students and evaluating our practices, the program has been expanded. Now called "Senior Experience," it is a requirement for all graduating seniors and is coordinated by Mr. Michael DeVito and Mr. Dan Schuchat.

In an effort to increase available placements and opportunities offered to the Edgemont seniors, the District is asking willing and qualified parents and community members to get involved. Please consider offering an Edgemont senior a chance to work in your business or agency.  Ideal mentors are individuals in a supervisory capacity in a legitimate business, agency, or organization that is publicly verifiable.

Your role as a mentor, and the valuable hands-on experiences you can provide, will be of immeasurable value to a member of the EHS Class of ‘19.  If you are interested in helping Edgemont seniors find placements for their Senior Experience, please fill out the attached questionnaire. Thank you.



Victoria Kniewel


One River Gallery
Edgemont Tech Dept.

Students from Studio in 3-D are exhibiting their interactive art history inspired shadowboxes, as well as a few shoe sculptures. Students from Studio in 2D also will exhibit works inspired by artist Andy Warhol. Also included will be several few works by AP art students.

The exhibit will be at One River School on on Central Avenue, in Hartsdale. Please see the attached poster.

Edgemont art students have work on display at One River Gallery 112 S. Central Ave, Hartsdale from December 15-27. 

Stop by for a few minutes and check it out!