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Tuition Students

The School District accepts a limited number of nonresident students. Applications are reviewed by an Admissions Committee to determine whether applicants have demonstrated the ability and willingness to meet the School District’s academic standards, with or without accommodations or supports, and whether they have demonstrated the ability to adhere to the District’s Code of Conduct. Qualified nonresident candidates will be accepted for admission only if space is available based on enrollment, the composition of a grade level, the demand levels for a particular course, and space availability in the School District’s academic support programs. In making this determination the District will consider both current capacity and anticipated needs to accommodate incoming resident students.

A copy of the School District’s Non-Resident Tuition Policy can be found here. We will advise you as soon as possible after review of your application if we anticipate a space for your child during the coming school year. If so, we shall call you to arrange an interview with our Admissions Committee to complete the admissions process.

Please complete and return the application Jr./Sr. High School or Elementary School to: Jennifer Masci ( or send by mail to: Edgemont UFSD Tuition Application 300 White Oak Lane Scarsdale, NY 10583

We appreciate your interest in our School District.

Edgemont Tuition Rates 2023 - 2024

K-6 Tuition $29,311
7-12 Tuition $39,111
(Adopted 4/18/2023)
  1. Tuition rates will be adopted by the Board on an annual basis.
  2. The tuition contract will require that tuition be paid in full upon acceptance as a tuition student, or 1/2 of the tuition will be paid upon acceptance for admission with the remaining tuition, plus a surcharge equal to 5% of the total tuition, to be paid before the beginning of the second semester.
  3. Except for extraordinary circumstances, no refund of tuition will be made.




1st Payment (Sept)

2nd Payment Includes 5%

K - 6





7 - 12