About Edgemont

Edgemont is a school and fire district encompassing approximately two square miles within the unincorporated area of the Town of Greenburgh. It includes approximately 2,900 households, While residents of the Town of Greenburgh, most Edgemont residents reside in the Scarsdale post office district, and therefore have a Scarsdale address. Edgemont residents residing in the Hartsdale post office district have a Hartsdale address.

Edgemont is known primarily for its outstanding schools that have achieved national recognition

Edgemont provides its own fire protection through the Greenvile Fire Department. The Town of Greenburgh provides all other municipal services. Water and sewer service are provided by separate utility districts administered by the Town. Edgemont also has its own volunteer organization, Edgemont Recreation, which offers recreation programs for school-age children and coordinates activities with Greenburgh Recreation.